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Matt Burns is a Front End Developer with a 3 year background in digital marketing. He has worked for small creative digital agencies, as well as holding in-house marketing roles and served as a specialist Technical SEO Analyst at one of the UK's largest agencies. Matt has a solid technical grounding, a keen creative side and a passion for building great things.

I have experience building fully responsive websites using HTML, CSS and vanilla JavaScript. I'm confident using CSS grid and flexbox to produce responsive layouts as well as frameworks like Bootstrap and CSS media queries.

I have a good basic knowledge of vanilla JavaScript/ES6 and I’m always looking to add to my experience there. I’ve built JavaScript based ‘To Do List’ apps that use a variety of DOM manipulation techniques, event listeners, LocalStorage, and incorporate JSON data. I’ve also used the new HTML5 canvas tag to build a Javascript based browser game using animation loops. This project gave me great experience using 3rd party libraries and integrating them into the project.

I also have React experience, setting up new projects using NPM, Webpack and Babel, using States, creating reusable components, handling events and making use of React lifecycle methods.

I enjoy nothing more than getting creative and working on producing new sites and projects that look beautiful, work flawlessly and perform perfectly every time.

My background in marketing means I always code with a focus on delivering the best user experience possible. Building highly responsive websites from a mobile first focus is what makes me happy.

When I'm not staring at a computer screen, you'll usually find me at home in Squamish, out hiking and camping in BC's stunning mountains, experimenting with Aaron (my beloved Aeropress) or getting creative in the kitchen by forgetting 50% of the ingredients in any given dish.


BsC Hons - Computing Systems and Networks - Leeds Met University, UK

A (brief) work history


ESL Teacher - York English

Fuzhou, China


Marketing Coordinator - The Distance

York, UK

2013 - 2013

SEO Analyst - WMG

Harrogate, UK


Marketing Assistant - Autoweb

Selby, UK

Some stuff I've built

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A full front end ecommerce store. Read more.

Shopping List App

(A React project)


My first React project. Read more.

To Do List App

(A portfolio staple)




Beautifully organised, wonderfully simple. Read More


(A JS game)


My remake of an old school classic. Read more.