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The To Do List App

The To Do List App on desktop, mobile and tablet devices.




In Brief...

Project Brief

Create a simple, responsive web app, with the following functionality:

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The Build...

Building The App

The classic To Do List App seems to be a Front End Dev Portfolio staple, so...here's mine!

This project was great for learning more about event handling and DOM manipulation, and I'm pretty happy with the end result. I got to play around with some different ways to add event listeners, experiment with ternary operators, learnt to use e.target within a function to target the element the event occured upon, and got to grips with traversing the DOM.

This was also my first project working with local storage and using JSON.parse and .stringify to create and retrieve multidimentional arrays from local storage.

This was only my 2nd ever major Javascript project, so I already have lots of ways I'd like to improve/further this code base in the future. Perhaps starting with some ways to take a few of those veriables out of the global scope :-/

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To Do List App

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